If you or your partner are vegetarian – or even vegan, for that matter – the chances are you’ve sometimes found it hard finding reliable sources of good, meat-free food. So many restaurants and cafés offer vegetarian alternatives that are simply bland and uninteresting. That’s why it always comes as such a relief to find venues like those listed below… our top five sources of healthy food in Liverpool.

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Nairobi is a proud and pulsating capital city. If you are wondering how you can have a good time and continue your healthy lifestyle while visiting Kenya’s urban jewel, rest assured, there will be plenty of ways. First of all, acquaint yourself with the Westlands area. Especially if you are moving to the city, this area will be your best friend, but even for visitors it is an important resource as an affluent neighborhood with inviting eating and shopping venues. Originally almost entirely residential, soaring rents in the central business district led to some businesses relocating here. Now, you can find Westgate Mall and Apic Centre here, as well as a handful of quality restaurants and spas.

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Wedding Dubai

No, seriously!

Just listen to the details, and then decide. You know there is a lot of love here, and things don’t get said lightly.

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View from one of Frankfurt's towers

Sometimes one must simply throw fiscal caution to the winds and splurge on a great meal. Frankfurt is a great place to do just that, with well over a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants, two of them having earned two Michelin stars. Here is our pick of the best of the best dining in Frankfurt, for those who can appreciate and afford a truly sublime dining experience:

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middle east traveler

One of the fabulous aspects of Middle East travel is getting the chance to enjoy the many varieties of food available. Whether you’re a carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, vegan or seafood freak, you’ll be delighted with the wide range of choices found just about everywhere in the region.

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Some travelers still want to eat healthy even on vacation and in Jeddah you are definitely spoilt for choice. Whether it’s Arabic, Italian, Japanese or Indian with a healthy twist, there are some restaurants, juice bars, and cafes worth a visit.

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Berjaya Island

In case you didn’t know, Seychelles is well-noted for its natural beauty. This archipelago, located far off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean, consists of 115 islands, some of them completely rural (plantations abound, making the markets alive with local produce)and some of them rich with tourist destinations.

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